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2024 - Group Sunspot Numbers (1610-2022)


Supplementary Materials for:
Víctor Manuel Velasco Herrera, Willie Soon, Nelya Babynets,Judit Muraközy, Andrey G. Tlatov,Yuri A. Nagovitsyn, Shican Qiu, Michal Švanda, Policarpo Arol Velasco Herrera. Reconstructing Daily Group Sunspot Numbers Since the Maunder Minimum with Objective Inter-Calibration Algorithms. Advances in Space Research. 2023.




Published in Advances in Space Research


A new daily reconstruction of Group Sunspot Numbers (V-ELSY/3.14; Date: 2023-12-30)

Dataset (Zip file)

Daily, monthly and annual Group Sunspot Numbers (1610-2022), as described in Velasco Herrera et al. (2024, Advances in Space Research).

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