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How we are funded

In our view, scientific research works best when it is independent from industry, government, religion, politics or ideology.


For this reason, a strict requirement for all our patrons and funders is that they do not attempt to influence either the conclusions or research directions of our group. Instead, we strive to ensure our research is driven by objective evidence-based analysis.


If you want to support our scientific research, please make a donation through one of two options.

Option 1) Using PayPal through the secure link with the button below:

Option 2) Make a direct payment through the secure link with the button below:

Support open-minded science!

Most science these days is funded by either government grants or vested interests. Also, funding for projects is usually decided years in advance of the research.


We believe that if you know what your results will be years before you start, then you are not truly pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge.


For this reason, at CERES, we try to follow science wherever it leads. This means we don't know what results or conclusions we will find. But, we think this leads to greater scientific advances.

If you share this vision, please support us by donating or spreading the word about CERES.


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