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Peer-reviewed Publications

CERES publications

  1. Michael Connolly, Orla Dingley, Ronan Connolly, Willie Soon (2024). "Comparing different tropopause estimates from high-resolution ozonesondes". Earth and Space Science. 11 (5), e2024EA003584. (Open access).

  2. Shican Qiu, Ruichao Li and Willie Soon (2024). "An Investigation on the Distribution of Martian Ionospheric Particles, Based on the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN)". Universe, 10(5), 196; Open access​.

  3. Gerry A. Quinn, Michael Connolly, Norman E. Fenton, Steven J. Hatfill, Paul Hynds, Coilín ÓhAiseadha, Karol Sikora, Willie Soon and Ronan Connolly (2024). "Influence of Seasonality and Public-Health Interventions on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Northern Europe" Journal of Clinical Medicine, 13, 334. Open access

  4. Victor M. Velasco Herrera, Willie Soon, Neyla Babynets, Judit Murakozy, Andrey Tlatov, Yury A. Nagovitsyn, Shican Qiu, Michal Svanda, Policarpo Arol Velasco Herrera (2024). "Reconstructing Daily Group Sunspot Numbers Since the Maunder Minimum with Objective Inter-Calibration Algorithms", Advances in Space Research, 73 (5), 2788-2815. (preprint here). Supplementary Materials.

  5. Travis S. Metcalfe, Derek Buzasi, Daniel Huber, Marc H. Pinsonneault, Jennifer L. van Saders, Thomas R. Ayres, Sarbani Basu, Jeremy J. Drake, Ricky Egeland, Oleg Kochuknov, Pascal Petit, Steven H. Saar, Victor See, Keivan G. Stassun, YaGuang Li, Timothy R. Bedding, Sylvain N. Breton, Adam J. Finley, Rafael A. Garcia, Hans Kjeldsen, Martin B. Nielsen, J. M. Joel Ong, Jacob L. Rorsted, Amalie Stokholm, Mark L. Winther, Catherine A. Clark, Diego Godoy-Rivera, Ilya V. Ilyin, Klaus G. Strassmeier, Sallie Baliunas, Willie Soon (2023). "Asteroseismology and Spectropolarimetry of the Exoplanet Host Star Lambda Serpentis", The Astronomical Journal, 166, 167. Open access.

  6. Shican Qiu, Zhanming Zhang, Willie Soon, Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, Xiankang Dou (2023). "An investigation on the ionospheric response to the volcanic explosion of Hunga Ha'apai, 2021", Journal of Geophysical Research Space Physics. 128 (11): e2023JA031731. (preprint here).

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  9. S. Qiu, M. Shi, H. Yousof, W. Soon, M. Jia, X. Xue, T. Li, P. Ju and X. Dou (2023). "Solitary wave characteristics on the fine structure of mesospheric sporadic sodium layer".  Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 10.

  10. S. Qiu, M. Shi, X. Wang, Z. Zhang, W. Soon and V.M. Velasco Herrera (2023). "An Investigation on the Ionospheric Response to the Volcanic Explosion of Hunga Ha’apai, 2022, Based on the Observations from the Meridian Project: The Plasma Drift Variations". Remote Sensing, 15(17), 4181;

  11. Shican Qiu, Xiao Zhang,  Willie Soon, Hamad Yousof (2023). "Three–dimensional inversion of corona structure and simulation of solar wind parameters based on the photospheric magnetic field deduced from Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)". Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences. Vol. 10.

  12. Mengxi Shi, Shican Qiu, Willie Soon, Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, Xianghui Xue, Tao Li, Xiankang Dou (2023). "Peculiar wave structure of mesospheric sporadic sodium layer observed by lidars in Hefei (31.8˚N, 117.3˚E) and Wuhan (30.5˚N, 114˚E), central China". Journal of Geophysical Research Atmosphere.🗄️​​)

  13. G. Katata, R. Connolly and P. O’Neill (2023). Evidence of urban blending in homogenized temperature records in Japan and in the United States: implications for the reliability of global land surface air temperature data. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. (🗄️​​)

  14. Shican Qiu, Mengzhen Yuan, Willie Soon, Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, Zhanming Zhang, Chengyun Yang, Hamad Yousof,  Xiankang Dou (2023). "Solar-induced 27-day modulation on polar mesospheric cloud (PMC), based on the combined observations from SOFIE and MLS". Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 10.

  15. R. G. Cionco, S. M. Kudryavtsev, W. W.-H. Soon (2023). "Tidal Forcing on the Sun and the 11-Year Solar Activity Cycle". Solar Physics, 298, 70. (🗄️​​)

  16. C. ÓhAiseadha, G. A. Quinn, R. Connolly, A. Wilson, M. Connolly, W. Soon and P. Hynds (2023). Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) for Population Health and Health Inequalities. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(7), 5223. (Open access).

  17. Shican Qiu, Ning Wang, Willie Soon, Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, Chengyun Yang and Xiankang Dou (2023). The Hemispheric Asymmetry of Gravity Wave Impact on the Polar Mesospheric Cloud, Based on the Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere Satellite. Atmosphere, 14(3), 419; (Open access).

  18. Shican Qiu, Yifei Xie, Mengxi Shi, Hamad Yousof, Willie Soon, Zhengyong Ren, Mingjiao Jia, Xiankang Dou (2022). Observations and Analysis of the Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Electric Field During Geomagnetic Activity. Journal of Geophysical Research Space Physics, 127 (11). (🗄️​​)

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  20. O. Dingley, M. Connolly, R. Connolly and W. Soon (2022). A comparison of different metrics for analyzing the troposphere/stratosphere transitions using high-resolution ozonesondes. Environmental Science Proceedings, 19, 14. Proceedings of The 5th International Electronic Conference on Atmospheric Sciences. (Open access).

  21. Shican Qiu, Zhiyong Zhang, Hamad Yousof, Willie Soon, Mingjiao Jia, Weiwei Tang and Xiankang Dou (2022). "The interplanetary origins of geomagnetic storm with Dstmin≤−50 nT during solar cycle 24 (2009–2019)", Advances in Space Research, 70 (7), 2047-2057. (🗄️​)

  22. Victor M. Velasco Herrera, Eduardo Antonio Rossello, Maria Julia Orgeira, Lucas Arioni, Willie Soon, Graciela Velasco, Laura Rosique-de la Cruz, Emmanuel Zuniga, Carlos Vera, "Long-Term Forecasting of Strong Earthquakes in North America, South America, Japan, Southern China and Northern India with Machine Learning", Frontiers in Earth Science, 10 (2022). (🗄️​)

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  26. M. Connolly, R. Connolly, W. Soon, V. M. Velasco Herrera, R. G. Cionco and N. E. Quaranta (2021). Analyzing atmospheric circulation patterns using mass fluxes calculated from weather balloon measurements: North Atlantic region as a case study. Atmosphere 12(11), 1439; (🗄️)

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  33. R. Connolly, M. Connolly, R.M. Carter and W. Soon (2020). How much human-caused global warming should we expect with business-as-usual (BAU) climate policies? A semi-empirical assessment. Energies, 13, 1365. (🗄️

  34. T. Heredia, F. Bazzano, R. G. Cionco, W. Soon, F. Medina, and A. Elias (2019). Searching for solar-like interannual to bidecadal effects on temperature and precipitation over a Southern Hemisphere location, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 193, 105094. (🗄️)

  35. R. Connolly, M. Connolly, W. Soon, D.R. Legates, R.G. Cionco and V. M. Velasco Herrera (2019). Northern hemisphere snow-cover trends (1967-2018): A comparison between climate models and observations. Geosciences, 9(3), 135. (🗄️)

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