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New documentary, "Climate: The Movie" (2024), features Dr. Willie Soon from CERES

Updated: Mar 24

A new documentary on climate change by Martin Durkin, "Climate: The Movie", was posted online today (March 21st, 2024). The film presents a different perspective on climate change from the standard narratives promoted by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Dr. Willie Soon, CERES co-team leader, was interviewed for this documentary, along with many other scientists and commentators.

Alternative links on different platforms [Updated on March 23, 2024]:

The 19th century philosopher, John Stuart Mill, noted in 1859 that "he who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that". This documentary presents a different "side of the case" on climate change, and we think it is definitely worth watching and sharing with anybody who wants to hear different perspectives.

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Solid science in this movie at last.


Excellent movie and about time!! Well done!!


Alternative facts! Some would call it propaganda, others will call it a differnt opiinion. In any case, they are not facts, so why bother about it?

Replying to

In view of the top notch scientists who participated, to say they were bringing "alternative facts" shows the level of brain washing you must have undergone from the climate alarmists. On top, what they are bringing is also what is said in the IPCC's own scientific reports (not the report for policy makers which is completely biased by politicians).

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