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“The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate” - Dr. Willie Soon

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

On April 11, 2022, CERES team-leader, Dr. Willie Soon’s gave a presentation in Washington D.C., “The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate”. The slides for the talk can be downloaded from

Here are 8 short clips taken from the talk describing each of the main topics he covered. The clips are as follows:

We think that these clips answer many of the commonly asked questions about both (1) the politicization of climate science and (2) the causes of climate change. Please feel free to subscribe to our new YouTube channel, share any of the above videos you think are interesting, or even share this post linking to all of them.

For convenience, we have embedded all 8 clips below:


1. Is Dr. Willie Soon in the pay of the fossil fuel industry?

2. Did the Smithsonian Institution disown their employee, Dr. Willie Soon?

3. Why Greenpeace is looking for a piece of your green

4. Why "97% consensus on climate change" claims are wrong

5. Are the UN's IPCC climate reports scientifically objective?

6. The "hockey stick" debate: Was there a Medieval Warm Period?

7. How much of a role does the Sun play in climate change?

8. Are "fact checks" checking facts or checking narratives?


Below is a playlist showing all 8 clips in order:

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