September 10, 2021:

For our open letter to Climate Feedback responding to their fake “fact-check” article that refers to a recent study involving CERES scientists, see here.





Our mission

The Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences (CERES) is a multi-disciplinary and independent research group. The aims of CERES are to address important issues in the fields of environmental and earth sciences.  The group strives to foster original and timely scientific understanding, in addition to re-examining old analyses with fresh insights.  We hope to illuminate, enhance, and resolve new and open issues.




In our view, scientific research works best when it is independent from industry, government, religion, politics or ideology.

For this reason, a strict requirement for all our patrons and funders is that they do not attempt to influence either the conclusions or research directions of our group. Instead, we strive to ensure our research is driven by objective evidence-based analysis. If you want to support our scientific research, please make a donation through PayPal using the following button:

Or alternatively, you can contact us at



Ongoing projects

  • Temperature data homogenization; evaluating and correcting for non-climatic biases
  • Using weather balloon data to study atmospheric behaviour
  • Relationships between human-caused emissions and atmospheric concentrations of trace gases
  • Sustainable aquaculture and water purification systems
  • Why is climate change a partisan issue?
  • Evaluating greenhouse gas emission scenarios



Future Areas of Interest

  • Evaluating sea level trends
  • Natural and human-caused factors affecting climate
  • Assessing environmental impacts of renewable energy systems
  • The development of energy efficient, low-cost heat pump systems
  • Climate adaptation policies
  • Orbital forcing and ENSO oscillations throughout the Holocene
  • Paleo-climate proxies
  • Educational approaches and platforms for promoting scientific and environmental awareness