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Video: The urban heat island - implications for global warming & climate change

Most people today live in urban areas, including cities. Cities tend to be hotter than their surrounding rural areas. This means that the local climate change experienced by most people is different from the global climate changes experienced by the rest of the world. City dwellers are experiencing more heat waves, earlier springs, and milder winters than everyone else.

What are the implications of the urban heat island (UHI) effect for our current understanding of global climate change and global warming?

In this video, we compare rural and urban weather station data to explain “urbanization bias” in cities along with possible solutions to urban heating.

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show these fockers what the truth & what real science is. Dr Patrick Moore is a wise man too, "where did the co2 that we release come from, it came from water and air into the fossil fuels. We just give it back to where it came from." keep it up guys!


The Urban Heat Island: An outstanding video with excellent information to understand the reality of climate change. Congratulations to Dr. Soon and the team for your exceptional work, as always.

Juan Carlos Lara.

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